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Sahel Business Coalition Member Spotlight: Meet Moulaye Abdelkader MOULAYE ISMAIL

| Meet Moulaye Abdelkader Moulaye Ismail, member of the Sahel Business Coalition!

Sahel Business Coalition Member Spotlight: Meet Issaka Hadi

| Meet Sahel Business Coalition Member, Issaka Hadi!

Sahel Business Coalition Member Highlight: Meet Fatime Souckar Terap

| Ahead of the Nouakchott Regional Conference on Private-Public Dialogue in the Sahel, CIPE highlights prominent members of the Sahel Business Coalition.

Regional Conference: The Future of Private Sector Leadership in the Sahel

| CIPE, the Sahel Business Coalition, regional business leaders, and policymakers are convening for two days of in-depth discussion on the future of private-sector led development in the region from November 9-10 in Nouakchott, Mauritania.

UPDATE – CIPE Co-Organizes Women’s Economic Empowerment Roundtable with the Government of Niger

| A preparatory technical roundtable for the African Women in Processing (AWIP) Forum was recently held in Niamey, Niger on September 19 and 20, 2022, organized by CIPE in cooperation with the Government of Niger and the African Union.

CIPE and the African Youth in Agribusiness (AYA) Chad host kick-off of bootcamp on youth in agriculture

| AYA Chad and CIPE have hosted on August 3, 2022 the kick-off meeting of its 4th bootcamp with the Ministry of Agriculture of Chad. The objective of this edition is to train and accompany efforts of young entrepreneurs in agriculture.

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