Online Event (FR): Dialogue with the Sahelian Private Sector

High level side-event of the General Assembly
Thursday, February 11, 2021 
8:45-11am EST/2:45- 5:00PM CET
CIPE is proud to announce that we are co-organizing a private sector dialogue (in French) in advance of the General Assembly in collaboration with the G5 Sahel and Alliance Sahel. The private sector side event will be this Thursday, February 11th from 8:45-11:00 am EST/2:45-5pm CET and will include speakers such as the President of the G5 Sahel Chambers of Commerce, the Mauritanian Minister of Economy, and business leaders like the CEO of Sahel Invest Funding, and the CEO of the Azalai hotel chain.
The main objective of this event is to allow the private sector and Sahelian entrepreneurs to make their voices heard and to transmit key messages to development partners. This discussion aims to get specific proposals to members of the Sahel Alliance during the General Assembly (15/02/2021) and thus support the private sector in the Sahel region in a more coherent and efficient manner.
Key objectives that will be achieved:
  • Take advantage of the momentum and political visibility of the G5 Summit and the meeting of the General Assembly of the Sahel Alliance to give high visibility to the topic of the private sector and the relevant impact it has as a driving force prosperity and a vector of stability in the region.
  • Bring all private sector actors around the table to discuss key topics that will help us better understand the challenges and opportunities of private sector development in the Sahel.
  • Strengthen the partnership between the main economic players in the sub-region and development partners in a coherent manner; specifically with the Union of Chambers of Commerce of the G5; the G5 Patronage Union; and the initiative “Economic Coalition for the Sahel”
CIPE is dedicated to working towards giving Sahelian businesses a platform to participate in conversations around inclusive economic development and security in the Sahel.